Sangram here!

I am in love with challenging the status quo in everything I do.

Once I learned that the world truly is made of things that people just like you and I, it made me realize that the change in internal first and external second. You, I and everyone around us, can create a change. You no longer have to play by the rules. In fact, the world is waiting for people like you and I to change the world.

The question is, are we ready to turn our ideas into movements that spark action.

Here is my vision for you, me and the beautiful world we live in:

Imagine a world where everyone has a mission in life, has the courage to reach others for help, will to succeed, and measures success not in financial terms but by how many people you helped along the way.

The last part is what I am really all about! You and I can change the world.

Check out my lifetime goal: 

To positively impact lives of a billion people. #OneBillionOneDream

I know that’s crazy and I have no idea how I can do that but I believe in God’s power and know that if he has put this in my heart, he will create a path for me to get there.

This is what gets me up every day. I love the daily pursuit!


Short bio:

Sangram is an author, keynote speaker, 3x CMO, host of the daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast, entrepreneur and above all, category maker. He wrote the book on Account-based marketing published by Wiley and also the Founder of #FlipMyFunnel movement. He is the co-founder and CMO of Terminus, a leader in account-based marketing raising over $20M in funding. Prior to that Sangram ran marketing at Pardot through the acquisition of ExactTarget that got then acquired by Salesforce for $2.5B dollars.

Long bio:

Born in India as a serial D and F student, Sangram came to the United States at the age of 25 to do his Masters from the University of Alabama in 2002 with just $350 in his pocket. Crazy right!?!

That’s a story you have to ask him when you meet him at a happy hour! To add to the mystery Sangram found a great way to get 100% of his tuition paid by inventing a language class for the first time ever at the University. That’s where he learned about entrepreneurship!

Sangram then finagled his way to work at Deloitte Consulting and then jumped around at startups and early-stage companies. His career skyrocketed as he got the opportunity to run marketing at Pardot and led it through the acquisition of ExactTarget. While he was leading Marketing, Salesforce acquired ExactTarget for $2.5B dollars and that’s when Sangram learned how to scale a business and what category making is all about.

Sangram then co-founded Terminus (link), a leader in Account-Based Marketing that raised nearly $20M in funding and is one of the fastest growing companies in the MarTech industry. Hands down!

To help establish the Account-based Marketing (ABM) category, Sangram authored the first book on ABM published by Wiley (link). Sangram is also the founder of #FlipMyFunnel (link) movement and with a mission to build the largest and most engaged community of B2B professionals in the world. Dig that?!? Join the #FlipMyFunnel community and challenge the status quo.

Most recently, Sangram kicked off an ambitious project called the daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast that has a different theme every single day. Yep! Thanks to you, the #FlipMyFunnel podcast is now ranked in the top 20 podcasts in the business category next to Gary Vaynerchuk and The Tim Ferriss Show with five-star ratings. How crazy is that?!? Loving it and can’t wait for you to tune in. Let me know what you think!

Sangram is also recognized as one of the top 21 B2B Influencers in the world by DMN Network in 2018 and 40 under 40 by DMNews 

Sangram shares his learning, passion, and interviews as an Inc. columnist and the daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast show so join the movement! 

Together, we can positively impact lives of a billion people. #OneBillionOneDream